Better Vaping Techniques

Vaping is a way of life; an art; a way to express and enjoy yourself. With a mod, the right flavor and nicotine strength of e juice and maybe a couple of fellow vapers, you, too, can enjoy this amazing lifestyle. If you want to vape, the following techniques can help you jump right into the swing of things and get the most from your experience. Use these vaping tips to enhance your fun.

E-Liquid Choice

It is important that you’ve selected a high-quality e juice in a flavor that you like. It should also contain the appropriate nicotine strengths to contend your desires. Choose a product with a high PG concentration and avoid DIY.

Vaping Temperatures

You should aim to keep the temperature of your mod at the ideal temperature of 392- 480 degrees F. When you keep the temperatures right, you’ll enjoy the flavor, powerful throat hit, and overall amazing experience that you want.

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It is Time to Prime

You will need to prime several parts of your vaping equipment. First, the coil needs to be primed so that the liquid can saturate itself into the wick. To prime the device, simply fill it with liquid and take a couple of short puffs to heat the coil.

The Proper Drag

If you are not dragging right, you will never experience the enjoyment that vaping offers. Take your time when pulling, and remember that the consistency in which this is done varies from one mod to the next. For the best throat hit, a pull of about six seconds is recommended.

Be the best that you can be, then it is time to vape and use the above tips to your advantage. You will be glad that you used these tips.